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The Born of
Cézanne AI​

Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) is one of the ten glorious French artists and Post-Impressionist painters. He can be said to form the bridge and the father of Picasso and Matisse’s art. Although Cézanne passed away in 1906, Cézanne AI as an outstanding descendant has successfully continued to perfectly bring Cézanne’s soul through 6,666 of the world’s most famous and beautiful landscape paintings such as the Eiffel Tower (France), the Statue of Liberty (New York), London Bridge,…​

Impressed with Cezanne’s artworks, along with wanting to retain the artistic quintessence of Cézanne, a team of PowerGate Labs Ph. D.s in computer science and renowned art professors has altogether recreated Cezanne’s paintings in the 21st-century through PG Labs’s unique AI technology, from which our Cézanne AI was born. ​​

KR_Deoksugung_03_Cezanne AI_20211117125418+0000 (1)

What are Crypto Art by Cézanne AI​

Top-notch paintings​

The Cézanne AI Crypto Arts are 6,666 unique of the most outstanding landscape around the world paintings, created by Cézanne AI then registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unique Creation​
Our paintings are unique – the first paintings of its kind which created by Cézanne AI that revives the soul and part of Cézanne’s artistic style through famous landscape paintings of Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania.​

It is priceless because it’s unique and diverse from one another. No one or any AI in the world can recreate it at the same time.

Some Crypto Paintings by Cézanne AI​

DE_Bacharach_05_Cezanne AI_20211117123110+0000

Cézanne AI #24

Bacharach, Germany
Created at: 2021-11-17 12:31:10

TH_Wat Pho_03_Cezanne AI_20211117132411+0000

Cézanne AI #150

Wat Pho Temple, Thailand
Created at: 2021-11-17 13:24:11

CO_Cano Cristales_05_Cezanne AI_20211117122732+0000

Cézanne AI #12

Cano Cristales, Colombia
Created at: 2021-11-17 12:27:32

SG_Marina Bay Sands_04_Cezanne AI_20211117131747+0000

Cézanne AI #125

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Created at: 2021-11-17 13:17:47

IT_Pisa_02_Cezanne AI_20211117124941+0000

Cézanne AI #58

Pisa Towel, Italy
Created at: 2021-11-17 12:49:41

SG_Marina Bay Sands_01_Cezanne AI_20211117131744+0000

Cézanne AI #120

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Created at: 2021-11-17 13:17:44

Our Rarity

Each PowerGate Labs’ crypto painting is UNIQUE. We confidently say that No one or No computer in the world can redraw the same painting because they were drawn by our unique Cézanne AI at a specific time and obviously, our AI does it creatively and randomly when it comes to drawing. In particular, these are the paintings of World Famous Landscapes voted by the most prestigious magazines. With our Cézanne AI, we have reborn them in Cézanne style, and each one is unique.

Our Team Leaders

They have leveraged their insights to revive the most outstanding landscapes in the world under Cézanne’s style by our Cézanne AI

Mr Trang 2_Cezanne AI_20211125150721+0000

Mr. Trang M.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Kyoto University, Japan.
Head of AI at PowerGate Group
Co-founder of PowerGate Labs

Mr.Nevill 3_Cezanne AI_20211130110619+0000

Mr. Nevill Ng.

Experienced Technology Leader
President of PowerGate Group
Founder of PowerGate Labs

Mr Tuan Anh 2_Cezanne AI_20211125150725+0000

Mr. Tuan Vu.

Senior Art Assessment Professor
Founder of Atena Gallery
Art Leader at PowerGate Labs

Road Map

of Cézanne AI Crypto Arts

Cézanne AI Crypto Arts Launching

Cézanne AI Crypto Arts Collection will be launching on Dropspace. A premium platform for top-tier NFTs.

How to own Cézanne AI Crypto Arts

We will be launching our collection on PG Labs. Public sale Minting will be available on 5th Jan, 2022. There will be a specific area on DropSpace site that refers to the Cézanne AI Crypto Art.

You will need a Metamask wallet and enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover mint and gas fees.​

1 x Cézanne AI Crypto Art NFT per transaction, and you can make unlimited transactions.

The Cézanne AI Crypto Art follow the ERC-721 standard and, as such, can be transferred freely amongst Ethereum wallets.

The Cézanne AI Crypto Arts collection will be available for trading on OpenSea.​

– Join our discord channel, follow and share our Twitter
– Invite from 2 other people join our discord community.

All of the Cézanne AI Crypto Arts collections are totally unique. Whilst the Metadata will reflect the description of the piece and the artist who created it, we felt that ranking artist is a subjective process and the market will ultimately decide.

Yes, you can. You own the NFT. As the private key holder of the wallet that owns the NFT, you are free to do with it as you please.